Virginia Farm Produce’s advanced facilities allow it to consistently supply the highest quality produce.

As a business Virginia Farm Produce owns and operates three main growing sites, covering more than 55,000 acres of land in three key geographical micro climates.

These are located at Virginia in South Australia, Kangaroo Flat, and also Keith in the State’s South East. All of these properties are fully owned and managed by the company, which ensures that the integrity and growing efforts guarantee the company’s supply of premium washed potatoes 12 months of the year.
In addition the company owns a fully operational 13,500m2 packing facility which washes, packs and pre-packs the farms’ potatoes, onions and almonds to ensure the products achieve their full presentation potential.

Plans are underway for the company’s next plant, with a 6,000m2 facility to be completed with state of the art washing and mechanised packing equipment which will further advance the company’s reputation in the market place, and its ability to consistently supply the highest quality produce.

The company produces more than 50,000t of potatoes, 15,000t of onions, and 400t of almonds a year.